Rock Solid Trust Accounting

The easiest bank reconciliation on the market. Logical audit trail with a strong focus on compliance for your peace of mind. Our easy, step by step End of Month wizard will help to keep you balanced and your owners paid on time.

Trust accounting is at the core of every property management business. You can rely on REI Master to help you maintain your trust account in perfect health.

Full compliance with Australian state/territory & New Zealand legislation.

Easiest bank reconciliation on the market.

Step-by-step end of month wizard for a lightning fast end of month.

Auditors love our easy to follow reports.

End of month reporting batches, so you never forget to keep appropriate records.

Detailed user permissions to restrict critical areas to key staff.

Full audit trail and log reports.

Flexible disbursement cycles.

Batch receipting and payments.

Journals in proper DR/CR format.

Back-up in one minute!

Remote backup option for compliance.

Income Pooling.

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REI Master is everything you need to be an awesome property manager!

We live and breathe Property Management from the IT side of things.