Core Property Management Features

Work smart. Love what you do. Work anywhere. Grow your rent roll. Get your owners to love you and your tenants to respect you. Fix that leaky tap! Reconcile. Get in the car and drive. Inspect, inspect, inspect. Meet, greet. Sign->here.

We get what you do. We live and breathe Property Management. It's not just about trust accounting, it's a people business. Communicate - on your terms. REI Master's suite of products can help you be a Property Management genius.

16 years of development and refinement.

Compliant to the core.

More property management specific database fields than any other.

Back-up and restore in under a minute.

We listen.

Constant upgrades.


Intuitive actions for rent increases, payments due and more.

Link to popular 3rd Party Interfaces.

User Permissions.

Web Upload.

Online Portal.

Automatic communications and automated tasks.

Rental payments platform integration for automatic rent collection, reminders and easy receipt processing.

Want to know more?

REI Master is everything you need to be an awesome property manager!

We live and breathe Property Management from the IT side of things.