Work Anywhere

The full functionality you would expect from a powerful PMS without the many restrictions of a clumsy web interface and shared resources.

You'll never have to compromise features for online flexibility. REI Master Cloud edition is available from any internet enabled device and works on iPad, Mac, Android, tablets and PC.

If you're going to work in the cloud, make sure you fully understand your options, or you'll find your business being outperformed by your competition. Nothing can match the power and feature rich flexibility of REI Master Cloud.

Work from anywhere.

Enjoy the security of being in full control of your business database.

Harness the full power of a dedicated CPU for fast processing of complex calculations.

Search and display thousands of records on screen.

Full Microsoft integration including two-way MS Outlook and MS Word merge.

NO shared resources to restrict functions or slow you down in peak periods.

Full back-up and restore whenever you want to.

Flexible RAM/ROM memory allocation to match your growth.

Full document management.

Want to know more?

REI Master is everything you need to be an awesome property manager!

We live and breathe Property Management from the IT side of things.