Our Property Management System is easy to use. powerful. compliant. feature packed.

The REI Master property management system is ideal for running all aspects of your property management business. The powerful property management system features include the easiest bank reconciliation and end of month on the market, detailed inspections and maintenance management, permanent, holiday and commercial property management, comprehensive CRM, SMS, MS Outlook and Word integration, procedures, checklists and much more.

The REI Master property management system is suitable from the smallest to largest of businesses and is backed up by our famous service and on going development. Choose from the above menu for more information about the REI Master property management system.

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Number one for me is their support. I don't think I've waited any longer than 5 minutes for a phone call back.

Kasey McDonaldBDM - LJ Hooker Paradise Point, trainer, business coach and all round property management guru